Columbia: The last path…

So this is the last part of our travel in Columbia!


3th of June

We took in the night of the 2th of June a bus to San Agustin. In the early morning hours Bastian woke me up because of the incredible landscape! Yeah it was really beautiful. After 30 minutes I was awake the bus drove ove a bump… i thought that! Then the bus stopped and I thought it was maybe a dog or something. Then we could hear some cryings and after a few minutes we realized what happened. We got off the bus and then we could see the corpus with some people around it. Our busdriver knocked a human down. But the whole situation became more curious! At first a women which looked like a man came to Bastian an me and she tried to say something but it was impossible to understand her. She showed us all the time her tongue. Then she passed us and took a line of cocaine. We thought we are in the wrong movie! At second after 20 minutes a fire truck arrived but it drove very slow! Then the guys got off the car also very slow. Then they took a barrow, realized that the peron is dead, brought it back to the fire truck and just do nothing! Fuck…. that was one of the most craziest things I have ever seen! This whole situation was so unreal! After another 20 or 30 minutes arrived finally an alternate bus! When we arrived in San Agustin we checked in a hostel! The rest of the day we didnt do something special!


4th of June

We rented horses and walked around the region. San Agustin is famous for his archaeological sites! The things there are from the same time like the Inkas! It was really interesting but after a while its just the same stuff ;). yeah I will upload some pictures, we just did that at this day!


5th of June Today we drove with the Jeep around the area. We had a amazing view at a waterfall and the sourroundings were in general pretty cool and a lot of coffee farms!


6th  of June

We headed to Coconuco. There are some hot water springs, but after we arrived we saw that this was just crap. One funny thin which will remind me always at Coconuco: We had for 2 people the biggest room ever. There were really just 2 beds inside and nothing more and I think this room was twice the size then my apartment in Germany!


7th of June

Today we hitch hiked to Puracé. Thats a small village in the Andes and there is a Nationalpark with a volcano named Puracé! When we arrived we walked a little bit around and the village and then we found a small path which lead us to a waterfall! After that the trail conintued and we had to walk a lot of stairs and after that we had a incredible view over the village and the whole valley! I love these moments!


8th of June

It should be another amazing day! We took the bus to the Nationalpark and got off and walked in the direction of the volcano Puracé. The volcano has a height of about 4900 meters! After one hour walking we passed a sulphur mine and your could smell it! The wind became all the time stronger and stronger the higher we walked! After a while it was possible to lie in the wind without to fall at the bottom! After a while it started raining and it became more and more misty. At 1:20 p.m. there came 2 guys the volcano down and one of them was a local. He told us that it is still 3 km till to the top and we should descend at 2:00 p.m. otherwise it could be a problem to find back. So Bastian and me decided to hang out a little bit and enjoyed the view and after that we climbed down another way then we climbed up. It was a really good day for us! After this trip both of us had the first time some problems with the stomache and it should need 6-10 days until everything was fine again!


9th of June

Today we just went to Pasto. We wanted to visit the Nationalpark Galerac but this one is since two years closed because of a Volcano which is very active at the moment! 10th of June Today should be our last day in Columbia! We crossed the border (wasnt a big deal) and then we drove too our first destination in Ecuador: Otavalo There is the biggest handcraft market in Ecuador. The things they sell are really pretty cool and very traditional. You can see there so many traditional people, thats amazing. One funny thing was: There was a girl, in very traditional clothes (its very colored and a lot of clothes) and she made photos of herself with an iPad. That was interesting. I bought also some handcrafts. After that we ate a enormous Pizza and walked around the city! Ok guys, that was Columbia!



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