Columbia part 1

Jeeeppp I told you I will write and I know thats a long time ago that I wrote!

Its a long time ago now but I try to write short!

So where we ve been…

the end of Venezuela right…

Jeah hope you remember that the last place was Mérida in the Anden. After that we drove do Coro (the mainpricture is from there). The town is not really special even when its unesco heritage but in our opinion its not worth it to go there! But one thing was really fun… sandboarding. Just 40 Minutes out of the town by walking are huge sand dunes. So we got some boards from our hostel and walked to this place. The first try wasnt so got for me… it hurt a lot when I lied down. But after a while I got used to it hehe. And hell.. you cant imagine how vast the wind was. we couldnt see a lot while driving down because all the sand was blowing in our faces. So after almost 2 hours alter and a lot of sand almost everywhere (and with everywhere I mean exactly everywhere!!!) we went back to the hostel…

the next day we decided to go to Adicora, a very small village just 1 hour north with the bus from Coro. This small village is at the caribbean. We read that it is possible to kitesurfing there but then we realized that it was way to expensive for our wallet…(dam it!). So we decided just to surf. Yeah.. that was quite fun but the waves werent that great (caribbean is not the best spot for that!). At our last day some people from Maracaibo (the Oilcity of Venezuela) arrived. So they started drinking in the evening and we joined them… you cant imagine how funny that evening was. After some glases of rum one of those guys gave me a T-Shirt with the South American continent on it as a present and a few minutes later another guy with a animal on it… hell that was fun (bastian payed our owner of the hostel at this time)…

The next morning we wanted to get up at 5 o clock to be as earlie as possible in Santa Marta (Columbia). I think you can imagine what happend. We partied till 3 o clock. Bastian went a little bit early because of special problems (;) ) to „bed“ (our bed was a hammock). Sooo at 9 o clock the sun was shining directly in my face I woke up and… shit..I just realized at this moment how obvious it was that we cant get up at 5 in the morning. Ok whatever. I woke Bastian he and I had a hangover but we had to hurry up. So we packed everything and got the bus at 9:20! We bought a lot of coke to feel better again. When we arrived in Maracaibo (hell I never saw such an ugly city… never go there!) we had to get a cap because all the buses were already gone! Shit! So we took a cap and I have to mention that a 3 hour ride with a cap to the border of columbia was just 12 euros! I mean its still expensive for Venezuela but with a cap… ! Ok so we were on the way to columbia…jihhaaa… and after 3 hours and more then 15(!!!!) military checkpoints we arrived at the first town in columbia (Macao). Our first impression of Columbia wasnt that good. We just got into the next cap which drove us another 3 hours to Santa Marta. And finally we arrived there! We took a crappy hostal which wasnt that cheap but it was just for one night!

The next day we bought two hammocks for 8 euros and took a bus to the tayrona nationalpark (everybody told us how amazing this place is). When we arrived there (with backpack and small back) we paid entry, hitch hiked till the end of the road and continued walking. All the other people took horses but we though, why should we spent 18000 pesos per person (6 euros) when its just 1 hour by walking. At this time we didnt know that the way was just muddy (bastian weared is flipflops and I weared sneakers…not the best choice). But it was fun and it was ok to walk just 2 or 3 difficulties but nothing special. Then we arrived in Arricifes (a very very small… uhm.. its not even a village… a small something I would say). There we find a „hostel“ where it was possible to mount our own hammocks. The place was nice and the ocean was beautiful as well. Some big rocks in the ocean but it wasnt allowed (or its still not allowed) to swim there, because to current is very strong and more then 100 people died already at this place!

6th of may

The next day we packed our small backs again left our backpacks in the hostel and walked 2 or 3 hours west. We passed some beautiful beaches but our plan was to camp wild at a lonely beach. And jes we found a beach like this. We walked all the way up and then we found a perfect place to mount our hammocks (but didnt mount it at this time because of rain! Every day between 15-18 o clock it started raining). The funny thing was, that we werent alone at this beach. Another guy at the same idea then we had. So after checked our place we went to the guy we saw and find out that he was german as well and travelled already almost 7 month in south america. Not bad when you consider that he was just 19 years old and it was is first big journey (normaly in this age people go to south east asia or australia. I mean south america is I think one of the most dangerous places in the world). So we had a really good time with him and enjoyed it a lot… so thanks a lot Felix from bavaria and hope you feel fine to be back in germany ;). A good thing was, that he had a machete so we could open the coconuts which were lying at the beach.  At night we tried to make a campfire but it wasnt that easy because it was still raining (20 oclock!) but after 1 or 2 ours the wood burned… Tom Hanks would say „I made fire“ (Cast away)! So Felix cooked his potatos and nudles and we could dry our clothes…perfect (and thanks again for the potatos!).

7th of may

the night was pretty good. It didnt rain and I could sleep till 8 or something like that! After packing all our stuff again we said good bye to Felix and continued our trek! Our plan was, to go out of the national park, get some food and walk back to another lonely beach even more to the west then the last one.  After 2 hours we arrived Pueblito (thats a very old city from the tayrona tribe). There is not much left and wasnt so interesting, so we conintued…after another 1 or 2 hours I felt like shit. Dam it… I could see the ocean… but normaly the ocean should be behind us and not infront us. So I dont know how it happened but we took the wrong way (we even didnt realized that there are more ways). So we decided (because we were running out of water and walked already 1 hour in the wrong direction) to continue the trek and sleep again in Arricifes! So when we arrived there we just relaxed ate some good chocolate muffins, had dinner and slept. ah jaa i forgot something. a few minutes after we arrived in Arricifes, there was this guy who stood under the palm tree. I just saw how this coconut fell down and BAAAM on his nack… dam it. I even had pains just to see how it happend. This guy was crying like he was burning in hell. But he was lucky that it didnt fall on is had. Here I have to add something…

every year there are more people which die because of coconuts then on shark attacks…


sry guys but its 10 in the evening i am tired and I swear I will continue soon 😉

At this point should be picutres but this computer is not able to do it…I will fix that



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