From the east to the west

New day new entry

17th of April

We get up at 5 am to escape the rain. We never had rain in the morning time. But before I continue with new stuff I have to say that this night was horrible. I forgot to mention, that Basti and me lost one of our camping mat so we had to share the only one which was left. I can tell you that it was freezing there.

Ok here we go….

So the first we walked was the crystal valley. There was everywhere quartz crystal stones. The surroundings around the Tepui looked like a moon landscaped just that there was a little more water and vegetation. Many weird flowers. Then we walked to the edge of the Roraima. First it wasn’t possible to see anything because of the clouds, but a few seconds later the sky became clear and what we saw was such a wicked few…hell. And the country in front of us we could see was Guyana. Because the view was as fast gone as it came our Guide Calio brought us to another viewpoint. This one was even much better then before. We had a view to the twin mountain of the Roraima and everything looked just so faked with the waterfalls which falled down of the Tepuis, rainforest as far as you could look. Yeah that was a good start in the morning. Then we walked back in our camp. It started to rain and we just hang out. In the afternoon the rain stopped so Stephan, Basti, Calio and me walked to the edge where we climbed up and after that we went to a cave with a small lake inside and the water inside the cave is coming out of the edge of the Roraima as waterfall. Because it was already late we walked back, waited for dinner had some shots (just because it was freezing 😉 )


18th of April we got up at 4:30 am because we had to leave and wanted to avoid rain. But this time it was raining the whole night. So we drank a hot cup of chocolate (yummy) and waited until the rain was over. Basti and I started at 7:30am after 3 hours Martina, Stephan and both of us reached the base camp (without rain…great!). Alejandro and Vivianne were still high in the mountains. So we four kept walking walking and walking. Basti had some problems with his knees because of climbing down, I was tired but we kept walking. After another 1 ½ hours we were at the first river, we crossed kept walking and reached after 30 minutes the next river… hell yeah we reached the camp (that one we missed the first time). But before we went there, Basti and I took a shower in the river. You cant believe how necessary that was! Basti and me walked to the camp and were happy that we were there. I guess you know already what happened with Alejandro and Vivianne… and jep you are right, they became wet again. It started raining like shit. Stephan, Basti and me played scissor, stone and paper (in German: schnick schnack schnuck) because we had to choose one who built a moat. Stephan lost…but after a while the rain became so hard that all of us helped to build the moat. We had a lot of fun, really! An our later Vivianne and Alejandro arrived, totally wet. Poor argentines, first they lost against Germany in the world cup 2010 and now this, hehe. We played some luegen maexchen (I don’t know the English word for that and I am to lazy to explain that, sry) with some rum and went to bed.

19th April the last night in the tent was over… yyyeaahhaaa!!! We started walking at 7am! I guess the most sentence for this last trek was “Basti, I think this is really the last river we have to cross” but I wasn’t right… almost never… just once… so I recommend everybody, you shouldn’t trust me in such things!

But how could it be that this time the trek was so hard. When we walked this stage when we walked to the Roraima, Basti and I learned Spanish vocabularies but now…

Ok I skip this part, we arrived at the start camp 3 hours later. We took off our shoes and gave them a massage (no no, not each other)! I don’t have to mention that Vivianne and Alejandro became wet, I guess. An hour later the Jeep for us arrived with beer, awesome!!!

A big surprise waited for us at the Touragency in Santa Elena de Uairen! The secretary wanted to have 400 Bolivars (40 Euros) for the camp mat we lost in the heavy rain! I told here that I wont pay this amount. So she called her German boss. I talked with him, he wanted to have 200 Bs I told him I will just pay 100 Bs and at the end we were at 150 Bs! From 400 Bs to 150 Bs… My ass (heist auf Deutsch: verarschen kann ich mich selber)!!!

Then we had to say bye bye to Alejandro and Vivianne, but we will see these guys in Buenos Aires again. Martina and Stephan took the same bus then we did but they had to get off earlier. So Basti an I were alone going to Ciudad Bolivar.

20th April

At 5:00am we arrived in Ciudad Bolivar, still tired! We called our Hostel where we booked all the trips. They told us that we should come to the airport, because of whatever! So after a good morning beer (we had from the evening before) we walked to the airport waited 1 ½ hour and back to the hostel. At that day nothing special was going on just one thing. The sweetest thing we have ever seen appeared. I we both think  that because of that the word sweet was invented ;). We find a Opossum which fitted in our hand. The eyes of it were bigger then anything else. We had a lot of fun with it. We both wished to take it with us but of course we didn’t. We brought it back to nature.

21th April we packed our bags booked the night bus for Mérida and that’s it!

22th April we reached Barinas at … I don’t know, maybe at 13pm there we had to take another smaller bus to Mérida. This trip was another 4 hours but not because it was so far away (maybe 170km) the reason was that we drove through the Andes (Anden). Dam it, great landscape, but here the cut over is also already in progress. When we arrived we called directly Carlos (also from couchsurfing). After a while he answered, gave us his address. We took the cap and I was really wondering because it was the right address… yeahhaaa.

We crashed into a birthday party of Eduardos mum (it’s a flat share here are living 3 guys: Eduardo, Carlos and Nick). But it wasn’t a problem, we complimented her had a cup of soda and a piece of cake. Then Iwan and Alvaro arrived from the mountains (two other couchsurfers) we talked a little bit and then went to bed.

23th April Eduardo went with us to a river nearby, there we had a shower. Refreshing! Then we went in the City and yeah… that’s it!

24th April. Eduardo wanted to go with us to Paramo (a region in the mountains of the Andes). So we drove 2 hours with a bus to there, checked in a hostel, got a cap and went in the national park. In this national park they planted Canadian trees with success and there are a lot of lakes around. There we were at a height of 3500 meters. Air was thin, walking a little bit exhausting and I had some problems with my foot which wasn’t helpful. But the trek was really beautiful and we were almost the only one who walked there. Afterwards we hitch hiked to another very small mountain village with an amazing few and 2 Condores. Condores is an endangered species so they had 2 of them in cages (way to small) that they can make more Childs. Then we went back to the hostel, I couldn’t walk anymore because of my foot the other guys prepared dinner, drank a bottle of rum and good night!

25th April. Iwan and Alvaro went back to Mérida, Eduardo and we both went to the hot springs in the mountains. Awesome, just awesome. We were almost alone there, we took a bath and had just a great (more then a great) view. We were a long time there so there is nothing more to say. We went in the evening back to Mérida, Eduardo brought us to a touragency where we booked for the next day a canyoning tour, had dinner and dot

26th April. Bastian and I got up early. At 9 am we were at the touragency. A Venezuelan couple did the tour with us. These guys were horrible.  The man was not the thinnest and the woman was afraid of everything. Normally the tour is 3 hours we needed almost 5! But the tour was great.

So what is canyoning: You walk in a river all the way down. You have to climb down some waterfalls and yeah that’s it. But its so much fun really. We wished to show you some photos of it, but they wanted to have 170 Bolivares (17 Euros) just for photos? What the f**k!

The next following days was nothing interesting. Just one thing. I drank an aphrodisiac with a lot lot lot of ingredients, but just a few are special: Brandy, wine, beer, eggs of a fish, eggs of a chicken and bull eyes real bull eyes! And then everything mixed. It didn’t taste so bad but was still a little bit weird just because I knew that there were bull eyes in.

Ok that’s it. Now you are up to date.

And of course I know here are a lot of mistakes, but I have to say that I am to lazy after writing 2-3 hours to read everything again to find mistakes. So if something isn’t possible to understand, let me know.

See you amigas y amigos und haut rein




The very right one is the Roraima

Picknick at the Paramo Park at theLaguna Negra

Bastian disguised as tourist

at the foot of the Salto Angel


Bastian is eating a flower. Our Guide told us that u could live at the top just eating this

Jepp...we like us! At the Paramo National Park

Have a break, have a look


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    Geile Fotos, Jungs!!

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