From the north to the south

A lot happened since the last entry. You maybe remember that Basti an me wanted to go to Trinidad and Tobaco to get some Euros or Dollars because of the Black Market here! Yeah you know, sometimes things come in a different way around then you think. We found out that T&T is way to expensive for us, just to get the money. Venezuela wants to have an exit charge fee of 1000 Bolivar (per person) what means 100 Euro, then another 25 US Dollars for what ever and the same when we want to enter to Venezuela again. So we decided to go to Ciudad Bolivar and from there a Bus to Boa Vista which is in Brazil, to get some Dollars or Euros there. So when we arrived in Ciudad Bolivar (3am), the pick up service from the hostel we called the night before, was already there. So we were very happy to get as fast as possible in the next bed. When we get up at 9 there were the first tourists we saw. Two guys from Germany (Frankfurt and on of them is working for you fm a radiosender in hessen) and three from Switzerland. Here an interesting way of travel from Thomas (one of the swiss guys). He is traveling now for 6 Month and he had a funny idea. To make a zorrovideo. So enjoy the video ;). But the best thing for Basti an me was, that we didn’t have to go to Brazil. The hostel owner is from germany or more precise he lived just 10 kilometers from Bastis home in the black forrest. After that Basti realized, heey I don’t have to speak german anymore I can speak badenerisch… no sry just joking 😉 Soo.. the reason why we do not have to go to Brazil. It was able to transfer money at his bancaccount and he gave us a course for 10 Bolivares (you remember the official course is 4,3 Bolivares for 1 Euro). We both were very happy about that and so we planed everything for the trips in this region. We booked at the hostel the a three day trip to salto angel (with 980 meters the highest waterfall in the world). At the 11th of april in the morning the hostel drove us (7 people) to the airport. Why to the airport? Because we flew to an indigenous village (Canaima with 1500 habitants)  where no road is going to. For I guess all of us was it the first time to fly with a Cessna airplane. Very small, you cant hear your own word but a great feeling. The flight was amazing just because of the landscape. A lot of rainforest, mountains, tepuis (that are tablemountains, I will show you). But one thing I have to mention. There is a big area just rainforest you cant imagine. But almost the same surface area is cutover. That’s really hard, when you see what was ones rainforest, and how big is it now. I forgot to tell you how it was when we flew from Sao Paolo to Caracas. The flight was 6 hours, and 2 hours of that, we flew over a region which was ones rainforest, and know its acriculture surface. I just want to say that because its very common to hear that in newspapers or whatever, but that it is even much worse then they say is horrible. But ok enough bad things… So the flight there was really cool and it took maybe an hour. After the flight they brought us to our accommodations and we had lunch. After that we had some time to go the the “beach”. There was a small beach and an awesome view to three big waterfalls very nearby. After a while we took a boat and drove next to the waterfalls at the other side of the lake. After a little walking, we were at the top of a waterfall, and the view we had is not possible to write in words. Everywhere water, the tablemountains and you tried to catch everything with your eyes, like then you wish to have this view when ever you want to see it. Then we walked a way down and they told us we should take off our clothes. The reason was, we walked under the waterfall. Hell, how powerful water can be, but it was fun and very refreshing. Then we walked back to the boat and walked under the next waterfall. Then back to our accommodations, dinner, babble a little bit with all the Swiss people (hell so many people from Switzerland… this country must be a ghostcountry). At the 12th April we were very excited… Salto Angel was our destination. So we got up at 7:30 am and took the boat.  After an amazing 4 hour boat trip through the rainforest, and some turtles, a lot of Tepuis and much much more wafterfalls flowing down of the Tepuis. Then it appeared…. the highest waterfall of the world. So big, so much water just incredible. When we arrived at the shore, it was just an hour of walking till we were at the foot of the Salto Angel. We made a stop on a plateau just to look all the time up to see how the water falls all the way down… then we walked 10 minutes further and we were at the a very small lake where it was possible to swim and to feel how powerful the water is after 980 meter free fall. After all that, we walked back to the boat drove to the counterpart site where our camp was. We ate chicken which was made at the campfire. Tasty… after that we went to bed… or better to our hammocks! 13th of Aril, I sleept awesome, Basti “a little bit” less awesome! We just had breakfast and then we took the boat and all the way back. I could tell you know how awesome the landscape was but you know already, so I skip this part. The only “new” was, this time we just drove 2 ½ hour. We went directly to the little airport and back to Ciudad Bolivar in our hostel (posada). And this night it became a little bit stressful. Basti, Martina, Stephan and me booked already before our trip to Salto Angel the next trip to Roraima (the highest Tepui in the world with 2870 meters). It seems like that Venezuela has always the highest things, maybe its true. We packed very fast our bags and then to the airport, there our bus was going to Santa Elena de Uairen (very close to the border of brazil). This bus sucked!!! I mean ok the buses hear and all the countrys where its hot are always very cold (I think it was 15 degree there and outside 28) but the air con at my place was driping all the fucking night on me. I can tell you… I slept maybe 30 minutes of almost 11 hours. In the early morning a guy chopped my head…. military checkpoint. All four of us had to go out of the bus (of course just the four white people). They checked our bags maybe because of drugs. After that each of us must go alone with this guy in a small room. Basti was the first of us and I had already a bad feeling. Basti came out everything was fine, the next one was me. I had to empty my trouser pocket he looked at my mp3 player. Ok everything was fine. After that Stephan had to go in and he told us afterwards what happened with him. He had is wallet in his trouser pocket. So the military guy said to him open your shoes and while Stephan went down to open them, the guy took the wallet and took 100 US dollar out of it and threw it in the corner. But Stephan was tough enough to get it bag. Basti and I saw already a lot of corruption here. That sucks really, especial policemen and military are the guys you have take care of. But ok, we arrived then in Santa Elena at the Touragency. After a short introduction our car was coming. All in all we were 6 people Alejandro and Vivianne from Argentina joined us. Our guide was Calio from Guyana (the neighbor country) he was a great guy and 3 people who carried food and so on. The tour was for 6 days! Alejandro and Vivianne offered us while we drove to the start point a couch for Buenes Aires… great!!! When we arrived we found out that we could not start our Trekking tour. It was raining a lot and we had to cross two rivers and their current became too strong to cross. So we just had dinner, spoke a lot and tried to improve our Spanish and then to the tents! 15th of April at 7 o clock we started walking. The view was like always amazing it was already able to see the Roraima, but the mountain was wrapped in clouds. Pretty nice. The first river wasn’t that strong anymore and Basti and I thought that the trek was really easy. The base slope wasn’t a problem. We arrived at the first camp, which we normally should arrive the day before, after 3 hours walking. But we just made short stop and continued walking. After 30 minutes we crossed the biggest river on our trip. After 1 or 2 ours walking Stephan and Martina were much before us and Alejandro and Vivianne were behind us we realized that it starts raining. So we put Bastis bag in a plastic bag and my one under a rain jacket. Then it starts very very heavy raining. So much that we almost couldn’t see the way anymore. And then…. Basti and I made a mistake. We took a wrong way and we were in the middle of nowhere because there was no way anymore. I had nothing on me just trekking shoes and my swimming trunks and the plastic bag with Bastis bag inside. My shoes were completely wet inside and Basti was sweating because of the rain jacket. Then Basti had a good idea to find the right way again. He climbed up a little hill and he was able to see Vivivanne and Alejandro.. how lucky we were. Because of that we lost more then an hour and hour mood was not so good. But ok, we found back and kept walking. And after an hour and a very hard way because the base slope became much harder, we arrived the base camp in front of the Roraima. Stephan und Martina waited already there. We changed our clothes and almost 2 hours later Alejandro and Vivianne arrived. The reason why they were so slow was because Vivivannes foot was hurting. We had dinner and because everyone was tired we went to bed at 19 o clock. 16th of April we started to climb up the Roraima. Now the base slope was just straight up. And we had a good view… no clouds jiphieee. The first viewpoint was at a hight of almost 2500 meters.. great. A sip of water and keep walking. After another hour and another shower because of a waterfall we had to walk under we arrived at the top! The view wasn’t good. It was very cloudy and much colder then at the base camp. After 30 minutes walking we arrived in our mountain camp. Then it started raining again and Alejandro and Vivivanne arrived almost 2 ours later… again totally wet.. poor guys… Ok people.. I am tired, and don’t wanna hang out more at the computer… I continue the blog as fast as possible…. Cheers Basti and the me


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  1. nosprudel Says:

    Jung, geile Landschaften 😛 seid ihr wirklich 6 stunden mit der chesna geflogen?? freu mich schon auf den nächsten eintrag 🙂


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