Feel like home

Hey guys, so here is our  first entry…

sooo finally we did it. we are in caracas. but i should start at the beginning.

to come in to the culture very quickly basti and me wrote on couchsurfing gabriel if we can stay at his couch. after some messages later he wrote that he will pick us up from the airport. so we thought hell yeah that would be awesome…

after saying good bye to sarah, melanie was so affable to drive me to the airport of Frankfurt. We met basti and evelyn there at almost 7pm. after some nice words we had to say also goodbye to melanie.

and after another 2 hours we had to bid farewell to evelyn as well.

at 22:05 was the take off to sao paolo, the flight was ok the food was shit and after 12 hours we arrived in sao paolo at 5:30am. we didnt see much, just that it is a big city. after some games and spanisch phrases later we had to catch our flight to caracas at 14pm. and jes our waiting time in sao paolo was 9 hours.


sooo when we arrived at the airport of caracas at 18:55 pm we looked around for gabriel. he told me that he will have a sign where sandro is written on. so we searched the sign.. but after a while we realized that there was nobody who was waiting for us. but we thought… oh come on, he will pick us up otherwise i wouldnt say that on couchsurfing… and hell yeah after 40 minutes waiting, he was coming with henry… FANTASTICO!

soo henry was also a couchsurfer who stayed first at someone else home. sooo after we put our backs in the…rataplan… opel corsa, same car which I drive..(and henry as well, hell these people know which car rocks!) we started driving to gabriels home… yea u know… corsa is a very old car so we didnt complain that the stoped at the motorway and didnt move any longer hehe.. that was a very good first experience. Henry, basti and me pushed the car from the motorway and gabriel was steering the car.

after 2 or maybe 3 hours a roadside assistance service was finally coming. henry and gabriel were sitting in the pickup, basti and me in the corsa. so after almost 20 minutes we arrived at gabriels home. we ate a little bit and were introduced to gabriels mom and then went to bed.


4. april

i thought we have a jetleg… after just 5 hours sleep my body thought its enough… both of us couldnt sleep anymore and so we were already at 9 am awake. gabriel made for us arepa which is a typically venezuelan food. its consists of cornflour, some water and some different spices. then you bake it in a pan till its hard. after that its like a bread. you can fill it with scrumbeld eggs, beans, meat whatever you want.. that was really good

after that we drove with the local bus to the city and we had to cross one of the biggest slums in south america. that was like a wave of houses we did not expect!

soo then we were in the city and tried to change some euros but its not that easy as normally. they have here two kinds of exchange rates. the offical one which is 1 euro is 4,3 bolivar. and the black market rate. 1 euro is 12,5 bolivar but this one is „forbidden“. the reason of all that is, that the state of venezuela does not allow the people to draw out more then 2000 euro out a year.  so there is a protest movement and the people buy euros for more then the twice then the government. its a very strange situation and its not that safe to change at the black market but yea… there are some people which know some people who can help you ;). so basti an me didnt know that before, thats the reason why we go tomorrow (9. april) to trinidad and tobaco to buy some euros or dollars… ah i didnt tell you.. of course you cant get dollars or euros here.

so gabriel showed us a park from where we were able to see chávez house. so i have to mention that caracas is not beautiful but the landscape around is awesome. the mountains here are 2500 meter high… just incredible. there were also a lot of people which were wearing purple shirts. its because of eastern… they are very religious. so after some more parks we met karla a friend of gabriel. we were eating some pizza and afterward we went in a bar to drink some local beers. i have to tell you… the people can dance really good salsa… basti and me not… but the people sitting there invited us for a little bit dancing. that was quite fun. a guy gave me his guitar and told that i should play something… belivie me also drunken people would say that it was horrible 😉 at 3 am went to bed…

5. april

this day was very a relaxing day. we slept long get up had some breakfast and learned some spanish, and gabriel and karla some german. in the evening we went in another citypark, and ate afterward arepas, with chicken and cheese (really really awesome) and capacha. its like a pancake with cheese but i guess better 😉

6. april

we get up very early because we wanted to go to the beach with karla. gabriel wanted to stay at home. the reason why we had to get up at 7 was that they wanted to avoid the traffic but the funny thing was that they arrived at 9:30!.. sooo we drove with karla, ricardo and ana (ricardo and ana are studying languages and also german). it took almost 2 hours until we arrived the beach. but the ride was i guess the best. there was just rainforest we drove through… that was really amazing. when we arrived the beach it was totally overcrowded but we find a very good place. basti and me enjoyed the waves. I guess that would be also a good spot for melanie, steffen and nico to surf a little bit. Another very interessting thing were the pelicanes which fly in a swoop into the water to get some fishes. really cool to see…

7. april

gabriel, basti an me decided to go to the mountains here in caracas. so we get up at 7:30 to start as early as possible. after buying some food for the trip and get some sleeping bags and a tent we started at 3pm. so the beginning was pretty easy and a little overcrowded. but after 2 hours it starts to get harder and we were almost alone. we felt like then we are in the rainforest. it was also really amazing. it was everywhere green and some birds i have never seen before. at 18 oclock it was getting more dark and the clouds where also almost everywhere. at some point the vegetation starts to change. it was really awesome but basti and me were also very exhausted. basti looked like a ghost. but we still had to walk for another 3 hours.. higher and higher. we startet at 1000 meter above the sea and climbed up to 2400 meters in 5 hours. you cant belivie how happy we were when we arrived at the camp. basti and me had our lights with us so it was no problem to build up the tent. I guess we all woke up very often because its was a little bit colder then we expected so i got up at 7:10 walked around and enjoyed the amazing view. the view to caracas was at this time was still good. when the others guys woke up there were already everywhere clouds. soooo yeah after a while we continue walking and after another 1 1/2 hours we were at the end of our walking.. we made it… jiphieee… we arrived at the hotel which is at the top of the mountain and took from there the cable cars back to caracas…


and here i‘ m sitting and riding you what happend…


so today was our last day in caracas. i really really have to thank gabriel. he was a great hoster and he gave us a start for our trip we never could imagine. thank you so much…or how you would say it.. muchos gracias. you, karla, ricardo and ana will always find a couch when you are in germany. Adios Amigos!!!




And you guys see you next time and continoue watching bastis and my roadtrip….



ps: here some pictures

At the airport in Sao Paolo

basti and me at the airport in sao paolo

Gabriel is making some arepas for us

Gabriel is making some arepas for us


at 18 o clock in the mountains nearby caracas

at 18 oclock in the mountains nearby caracas


the view to the city of caracas

Our tent in the mountain and the hotel behind


3 Antworten to “Feel like home”

  1. nosprudel Says:

    Saaaaaandrooooo….man your new „Mekki“ haircut is really short… Your Report sounds like you guys had some awesome days in the beginning of your „little“ trip…. so boy, go ahead…

    Best greetings from the Sea of Gallilea


  2. nosprudel Says:

    Saaaaaandrooooo….man your new „Mekki“ haircut is really short…but cool 😛 Your Report sounds like you guys had some awesome days in the beginning of your „little“ trip…. so boy, go ahead…

    Best greetings from the Sea of Gallilea


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