Time to move

Hey guys

at the second of april a friend of mine (basti, I think i will write more often about him so its easier for you to know his name 😉 ) an me are travelling for 6 month around south america so i thought heyy… maybe i could reawake my old blog and so i do.

last year basti asked around if somebody would join to travel next year (now its this year 😉 ) around through south america. from the first time I thought hell yeah I really would like to join but it was like… yeah you can’t, you have to finish your studys. but after a while there was a voice which whispers all the time how great it would be to travel again around the globus. I can tell you after a few weeks it was now whispering any more, it was more or less a big scream. so i told basti i´m in.

so after some meetings with him and far more whiskeys we booked the flights and planned a little bit.
The map below is just a abrasive overview I guess it will change continuous. we will start in caracas (venezuela) and fligh back from buenos aires (argentina).

In chile I will take a plane in the nothern area and fligh to patagonia.


so yeah thats it. I try to write constant but I dont know if there is always internet available.


so see u in octobre.




3 Antworten to “Time to move”

  1. Fobel Says:

    You will never, ever regret it!!!
    Good decision…
    I wish I would have the balls to do that :/

    • skandro Says:

      hehe just do it and dont think a lot about it ;). hope in ffm is everything fine!

      • Fobel Says:

        Frankfurt is just great, job is nice, feel fine here 🙂
        Yeah I know I just have to do it… but sooo many things, girlfriend, flat, job, master… ;))
        As far as I can see you really enjoy it! Do as long as u can 😉

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