Spit bitch

Hello there,

finally I found a place where I can enter to my blogside. I have not so much time because I wanna go to bed. Damn I so tired. I had 10 hours ago a 25 hour ride with a sleeper bus and hiked the whole day.

ok i try to write a little bit ;)!

soo my stay in Hong Kong was really cool I met a lot of cool guy over there and had just a good time. Hong Kong is a really cool city.  I just explored all around and I think that I walked almost 40 km there. U can imagine how my legs felt after that. I ve done there some cable car riding to the big buddha. Very cool place there. Hong Kong is altough there are much skyscraper very green and in the middle of the city center is a park where many exotic birds fligh. So its very easy to relax in this big city.

what was also cool was to take the old tramp (built sometime between 1880 till 1920 from the english dudes). to the top of the highes mountain. the few was just fantastic. u can have a look to the whole city. and i walked the whole way down and i was alone. that was pretty awesome. it was almost a 3 hour walk but very relaxed.

hong kong has still old places where u can buy all shit u need and the animal markets are… jes.. i dont know how to say, its a little bit crazy to go there. i saw a big fish which was killed and is head jumped around for almost 5 minutes. i filmed that with my camera. u upload that when i have more time ;).

in the hostel we had also great partys. i think there was no evening without some beers but quiet funny. and i never know that so many people from europe are here as english teacher! some are younger then me.

i upload all the pictures later. the internet is very slow over here.

after hongkong i headed with david (a glimber who was just travelling for glimbing) to yangsuo. ouh yeah this place was phantastic. i ve never seen such a cool landscape. there where so many very small mountains around and two bigger rivers. i ve done there some bambooboat riding along the hulong he and it was like in the movies what u ve maybe seen in vietnam movies.  the next day we rent some scooters and took a ride for almost 7 till 9 hours through very old villages and everything was just antouched. u can really say that the nature there is nearly not destroyed from human beeings.

so … aehm.. jep i am a little bit lazy for the moment and i really need some sleep.  the last days were very exhausting for me. i fucked up my camera. i throw it in the water. this is the second camera i killed in this way. damn! but bought already another one.  and 10 days left till i have to leave china. i cant get in extension because of new years festival. its the biggest public festival in the world.  (u can imagine when 1,3 billion people start to celebrate!).

ok one thing i have to tell u! i knew when i come to china, that the people spit everywhere around. but i always thought that is just on at the streets but nope. when i took the bus from shenzen to yangsou there was a women next to me in the sleeper bus with a plastic bag. i saw that there was a liquid in and only thought: funny who fill in a plastic bag a liquid. in the night i woke up and i heard that the women made sounds like to chuck up. i looked at here and saw that she opened her plastic bag and spit in there. the plastic bag was already half full. wuahhh… that was really abhorrent!

another one was when i took a boat through the three gorges. the room was for 4 people. at least there were 8 in! and the spit all the time at the boddom and smoked the whole fucking night. and there was one child in. i think the kids here a used to breath the good fresh coal air.  i think that was one of my worst nights ever. but there was another one i tell u later.

so i go now to bed and i try to write as fast as possible. dont know if its possible to write at another place here in china because my blog was the whole time blocked. and its also difficult to use facebook. but yeah sometimes it works. i will write latest when i am heading to laos.

ok dudes see u!



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  1. ericindia Says:

    I think it’s time to continue blogging 🙂

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