Istanbul and my last great day

puhhh…. i think thats the right word to start with my new article.

when i arrived in istanbul…. thats a joke… my whole 7 months in the middle east i had never rain and when i woke up after a 12 hours trip from cappadocia (and i was at the european site!!!!) it rained. first i was really very excited, it was great to feel rain again but i didnt think that the rain should last 4 days!!! i prefer the sun… jes.. i am a sunny boy haha.

i arrived in my hostel at almost 9 o clock in the morning and i couldnt sleep so i decided to have a walk. i wasnt in the mood to make sight seeing i was a little bit sick of only to rushing through the city to see all the famous stuff.

so i walked and walked and walked and after 9 hours just walking i made half a rounding around istanbul and my legs felt very used. ahhh i forgot there was one highlight at this day. when hang around at the port i saw a building with a big poster with the letters „Body world“ (in german: körperwelten) u guys know that? if not google gunter von hagens its the guy who develeoped how to preserve a real huming beeing to see everything inside of the body. it was great u cannot imagine whats everything inside of the body… its really much stuff in us!!! after 3 hours i finished the tour through body world and i was very exalted.

the next day i was with some german guys. one guy came by bycicle from klagenfurt to istanbul. christian… this is maybe a challenge for u hm? 😉

hanging also more or less only around and walked through the grande bazar. this bazar is really cool and its exciting to raom around there. u have in a very short time many impressions and u can buy muuuch stuff.

yeah after this day i felt ready to make some sight seeing. so i was at the blue mosque and at aya sofia but not inside. the reason was very easy. when i saw these mess of people i became sick of sight seeing and i decided spontanous to have a walk around the other part of istanbul. this walk was more or less 8 ours and i saw again so much things of istanbul.  i think it was much more exciting then to see the normal touristic things.

next day …again no sight seeing hehe… i booked a ticket to the prince islands and i met 2 german guys there (jes we are everywhere!!!!). we rent bikes and drove around the island. it was awesome it looked like that u are somewhere at an island in the mediterranean. we climbed a short way down to the beach and we were the only one. ive never seen so clear water. when i swam 30-40 meters away from the beach and looked down i could see everything.  it was a very cool day and i felt a little bit like on holiday haha..

in the evening the hotel made in  barbecue with all the people. so i played some backgammon with simon and at the end we end with some great italian guys (there were very happy with my name…) at the nightlife in istanbul. the next day started with a headache but it was the first since month so… it was more or less a new experience 😉

my last day… the 25 september. this day could really describe my whole travel. everything happened completley diffrent then i planed.

i started with my breakfast (to here everything was the normal planed way). then i met maxi at the table. she just checked in. she traveled with in interrail ticket through south europe and her last destination was istanbul. so she decided to walk with me only a little bit to the grand bazar and the port. till here everything was very relaxed.

then we bought some fish baguetts and sat down at a wall next to the port. after a while we wanted to go but…. damn shit where is her bag… i thought only… ok it seems that somebody dont want that i will go home… i can understand him.. it would be fine for me to continue travelling. the big problem was…. in her bag was everything…passport, interrail ticket back to germany, camers, mp3 player, money, mobile…

then i realized what happened. there were to kids. the boy was maybe 15 and the girl almost 8. they were playing around us and the one guy nudged me. i was only looking at him and he stopped to do it. and then suddenly he was away. 2 minutes later we wanted to go… and the bag was also away. i never thought that it could happen so fast.

we looked a little bit around … but of course there was nothing. so we went to police and told them what  happened. the police officers were very funny and helpful and started to send some undercover agents..haha (some civil policemen) to search for the bag.

i have to say maxi was very relaxed. and 20 minutes after that we could already laugh again and made jokes about it. i think i had also not a problem when that would happen, but i would be very very angry about my photos. these reminder are irreplaceable. but ok after 1 hour at the police we went to the german embassy. but there was only a guy which gave us a phone number we should call. ok back to the hotel and made some calls but the guys from the embassy told us only that she should try it on monday again. (thats also her departure day). so i have to make some phone calls when i am back in germany if shes still there or not…here i have to make some advertising. if you are one time in istanbul stay at mavi guesthouse. this guy is great he was so helpful.

i felt very sorry because i had to go but i didnt want. but damn the flight was so expensive. otherwise i stayed there. the only thing ive done was to give her all the money i had with me and get again some turkish lira from the atm which i gave to her. so she hopefully have no problems at the moment.

jes it was a very exciting last day for me but despite of all what happened we had much fun, as i told u she was very relaxed

so now i am in cairo again and my plane goes in less then 26 hours. I have some jimjams and i think all the time how it is to be in germany again.

For me it was one of the best things ive done in my live and i will never forget what happened the whole trip. i never met so many interesting people and so great storys. and it was specially in iraq exciting to be the only traveller.

But i can tell u. after such a trip u are not the same person anymore. i feel some big changes in my person and i see some things completley different then before my trip.

for the people who are interested to travel in the middle east. jes it is safe!!! also if u are a women and u want to travel alone. the only thing u have to do is. wear the right clothes and do not piss the people off. be very conservative. thats it! ive never thought that the middle east has so great landscapes. i will definitely go back to here. and if u have the chance to go to iraq-kurdistan do it before it became to touristic!

I am looking forward for my next travel. But for know i try to relax at simons house turn the music on and drink a beer

Cheers guys and thank you very much for reading my blog. i hope u enjoyed it and u have a little overview about the middle east.

but before i say goodbye one joke from a aussie guy i met:

whats the difference between australia, new zealand and a yoghurt?

the yoghurt has more culture hahah… 😀






PS: photos are of course comming soon 😉


6 Antworten to “Istanbul and my last great day”

  1. Georg Says:

    Hi Middle East traveller,

    ich glaube dir, dass dein Trip durch diese einsame Landschaft im wilden Kurdistan unvergessen bleiben wird. Aber alles hat einmal ein Ende. Wir freuen uns sehr, dich morgen abend wieder gesund im kalten verregneten Deutschland in Empfang zu nehmen. Könnte sein dass du frieren wirst, da wir momentan gerade mal 14°C haben.
    See yoú tomorrow evening in Frankfurt airport. Is it correct at 9.10 p.m.?

    Best regards

    Der Kleine

    • skandro Says:

      jaa ich dachte mir schon sowas in der art. das wetter trauert mit mir hehe ;). aber jaa hab ja ein einigermaßen dicken hoodie dabei und ne lange hose… sollte nicht ganz zu kalt werden.

      aaand jes the time is correct

      soo.. see u in… 11 hours… 😉

  2. Fobel Says:

    Hey Sandro,
    I really can share your feelings… and the worst thing is:
    You get addicted to travel… I am now sitting in Frankfurt since 3 months nearly… and damn it so hmm small here everything and you want to discover the whole world 😦
    The next thing is: The Germans are overall… wherever I have been in Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and so on… at every corner you here german language… Sometimes you travel so far away and then u are really pissed of that 😉
    u go far far away to see Germans again 😉
    So please continue writing the block of what happends now to you 🙂
    It will be interesting I guess!!!

    • skandro Says:

      oh jes thats right… the germans are really everywhere. as i told u there are in kurdistan as well haha. but there are also many australian people travelling.

      hehe i let u know how it continues with me but first i have prepare myself for flighing back to alemagne. at the momen i feel very excited.

  3. mellyabroad Says:

    culture, culture!! Who the fuck needs culture??? 😀

    Looking forward to finally see some pics!!

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