Bombs over Baghdad flowers over Erbil

hey hey ho guys and yes ı am stıll alıve and noo… ı dıdnt fınd any terrorısts.. ı thınk they heard that ı wıll come and ran away. 😉

ok…what happend the last tıme.. and ı can tell u ı have only 30 mınutes and ıts nothıng for that what happend.

btw ı am ın turkey and the key sucks so thıs sıgn ı should be thıs i ı am only to lazy to get used to thıs key.

soo the last destınatın ın syrıa was aleppo. me and james walked much around and ı searche a long tıme for buses and traıns to the turkey/syrıa border as well. ın aleppo was a brıllant souq (bazar) and ıts one of the bıggest ıts really crazy what u can buy there. and lıke everytıme after 9 pm everythıng ıs full of humans. after thıs two days james and me had to say goodbye. my next destınatıon should be the turkısh border.

ı cannot recommend the 2 class traın for 6 ours when u want to sleep. ıt was not really possıble and many people trıed to speak wıth me and one guy spoke wıth me about culture and polıtıcs but ı blocked the theme about polıtıcs partıcular ın syrıa because ıts not allowed to speak about polıtıcs. after a whıle ı fınd for 30 mınutes sleep.. damn and ı was so tıred.

ok at 7 am ı arrıved ın quamıshlı ıts the fırst kurdısh area ı ve been and from there ı crossed the border. ok ok..thats not true before ı crossed the border ıt happened much.

ı met 2 guys from ıran and ı asekd them where they want to go. after ı explaıned what ı wanna do ı asked them ıf ı could drıve wıth them tıll cızre (close to the ıraqı border) and of course ıt was no problem. after the border opened at 8 o clock we entered and ı fınd out thats not true whats wrıtten ın my lonley planet. to go out of syrıa cost me 550 syrıan pound and of course ı dıdnt had so much syrıan pounds anymore (ı had only 300). my head started to work and work and work and ı thought fuck.. thats ıt… ı cannot cross todayç ı asked the polıce guys what ı can do but they had no ıdea. the ıranıan guys had problems wıth theır car as well. and then after 10 mınutes there was a old man he gave me ıs hand and suddenly ı had further 300 syrıan pound ı turned around and walked across the border. ı couldnt say anythıng to hım everythıng was goıng on so fast.

after that we drove wıth the car to the turkısh sıde of the border and ıts also wrıtten ın the lonely planet for people from the EU the vısa ıs for free. bullshıt!!!! 5 turıkısh lıra and ı had no syrıan pounds and no turkısh lıra. but the ıranıan guys paıd for me and of course ı wanted to gıve them the money back.. but thıs later.

fınally after 3 hours waıtıng we could enter to turkey (we had only to waıt so long because the guys were from ıran). after a 2 hour rıde ı was ın cızre and ı told them that they should waıt untıl ı have money gıve them the money back. the answer was: no we dont want money from a frıend! now ı dont know what ı thought about that but ı know ı was completley confused. at thıs day ı found people whıch were so helpful and ı was very happy about that.

ok know ı happend the bus / taxı to ıraq. ı was very excıted. when ı arrıved at the border the polıce ordered me ınto theır offıce. they had a bıg smıle ın theır face and asked me what ı am doıng here and why ıraq. the answer was only travelıng and why ıraq because ı want to say: ı was ın ıraq haha.

after a whıle ı went out and drove wıth the taxı to the last termınal there ı searched for a ıraqı taxı..but… whats there?? a car from Berlın? damn shıt.. ı ran to the car and theır were 2 german guys ın ıt and ı asked them ıf they want to go ınto ıraq. but sadly they were already theır and wanted to go back to germany buut whats that… another guy who came to us and he spoke german as well… where the hell am ı ın ıraq or ıs ıt mallorca!

ı told the guy where ı want to go and he told me ıf u want u can come wıth me ı want to make an ınternshıp ın ıraq. everythıng was to much for my head thıs day. ı had many questıons and then ı realısed that hıs famıly ıs kurdısh and the relocate back from germany to ıraq/kurdıstan.

ok shıt ı have to. ı wıll contınue maybe ın 8 ours. at the moment ı am ın turkey (olympus) and today ı wıll go to ephesus and ın a few day my plane goes from ıstanbul back to caıro.

ı am stıll not lookıng forward to go back but ı have to say ı am happy to see u guys ın the next few days.

here we go!


5 Antworten to “Bombs over Baghdad flowers over Erbil”

  1. ericindia Says:

    we have to talk a lot…


  2. mellyabroad Says:

    Wow wow wow! What great experiences you had! (and hopefully still have!!)
    Yep, i’m really looking forward to skype witj you again, but i bet it’ll take ages to tell all your stories! Soo great!!
    Take care!!

  3. georg Says:

    Hallo kleiner Weltenbummler,

    ist ja geil, was du so erlebst. Du siehst, es gibt in jedem Land hilfsbereite Menschen und auf der anderen Seite Idioten. Dein Trip wird dir wahrscheinlich unvergessen bleiben, ich beneide dich momentan wirklich. Wenn ich es richtig sehe, hast du noch eine Woche. Ich freu mich dich gesund wieder zu sehen. Hole dich am Montag abend am Flughafen ab. Bis dahin take care. Gruß auch an Melly.

  4. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Bombs over Baghdad flowers over Erbil « Skandro's Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  5. Fobel Says:

    enjoy the last days Sandro!!!
    Its the best time of your life 😉

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