travel makes me happy

Hey guys,

I am just writting to tell you the latest news and also some pictures (i have the camera from james hand he was so smart to have the cable from is camera with him).

I would say first the work (writing) than amusement (photos).

I dont remember at which part i stopped the last time and i am to lazy to have a look so i start at petra.

Petra….is amazing. Its such a great place and u have so much to see. I always thought that its only this famous treasury and maybe a little bit more. But this is a really huge city. We were 2 days there and the entryfee was 38JD that means almost 43 Euro. That was one of the most expensive things i have done on my travel (except diving). But jordan is generally really expensive what is going not in my mind but whatever it was one of the coolest things i have done (except diving haha). James, Neil and me hiked i dont know exactly but at least 6-8 hours on the mountains and (photos later ;P).

After petra we took a taxi to dana. Its one of the great natural reserves of jordan. the view was also amazing but the best thing on dana was our hotel. We slept on the roof and i think that was the best place i ever slept. It was the best sky i‘ ve ever seen with millions of stars and when we got up the soon was just rising (the evening before we had there a great sunset). so everything there was pretty cool and ok when u have been to wadi rum its very difficult that dana can suprise u more hehe but it however it was great to see it.

Then we packed up our bags and took a cap to madaba. a famous city for his mosaics and churches. i became for one day sick there. I think it was because i visited to many churches some other people think it was because i ate the night before a little bit to much. but i think this mystery will never be solved.

go on…

ok we drove from madaba the next day to mountain nebo thats the mountain where moses saw the holy land. from there its possible to see the dead sea, jericho (in isreal), betlehelm and on a very clear day also jerusalem. on this day we had clouds… means no jerusalem…shit! After that susan, paola, james and me went to the dead see and swom there. haha what a great fun. it is really not possible to sink and damn its really salty and oily. i can not advise to get only a drop on your lips.. puhh not so tasty. after that i went to the hotel and had a rest because of my stomach.. he was really pissed of but the next day everything was fine and we continued our tour to jerash in the north of jordan. there is a very impressive ruin of an old roman town. what was the most amazing thing for me was the aquaetuct and the canalsystem.

after this 4 hour trip james and me had to say goodbye to the smart girls paola and susan. they had to get their plan for today to istanbul and james and me hitch hiked more or less to the syrian border. first i was a little bit afraid because some people told us that it could be a problem because its recommended to get the visa in your country at the syrian embassy. but it was really no problem. after one hour at the border we were in syria and took a bus to damascus.

Greaaaat city. I think damascus is till now the best city i’ve visit in the middle east. it has a really amazing old town and so many old buildings and the souq (the market) is very big and very oldschool. u can get there everything u want and many things are made by hand. U can go in a workshop and look how a guy makes a backgammon board or how a guy paints a oilpicture. very great really. and in damascus i have done my first hammam visit. its also known as turkish bath. its a cool experience and i will do it again in the next few days maybe tomorrow hehe.

from damascus we drove with a bus to the north direction hama. there we checked in our hotel and took a microbus to apamea. again some roman ruins but when u saw jerash its nothing special. and today we visit crac de chevallier. puhh that was really cool. once it was a crusader castle and it is almost complete. the great thing is the army of persia could never capture the castle. the crusader give it up because there was no hope to get jerusalem back.

soo and now i am still in hama and sitting in an internet cafe. tomorrow i will go to aleppo and on the 8 september my journey to iraq starts. i am really intent what await me there.

here now some pictures

the monastery st. castherine. here is also the burning bush!!!!! btw. its the oldest monastery in the world and also the highest.

Sunrise on the top of mount sinai

desert drive through wadi rum

nope… he didnt get it 😉

view on the mountains

sunset at wadi rum

Smile in the camera


hiking at the mountains in petra

Sunset on our sleeping place in dana

Here our sleeping place in dana

Ok guys i have really much much much more pictures and i will show u them but now its almost 1 am and i am damn tired and tomorrow the death cities are waiting for me.

So enjoy your holidays in tonga your working days in germany your journey in india and wherever u are just now 😉



4 Antworten to “travel makes me happy”

  1. Mellyabroad Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, sounds like a really good trip and a looot to see!
    Amazong pictures, i like especially that one with the cows, haha, sooo cruel! But anyway, the landscape is even more impressive! I’m really excited to hear some more stories!

    Some news about your flat in cologne? Good luck for that and enjoy your last weeks an the run!

  2. Chrisdaheim Says:

    Dana, Petra…..ich wusste gar nicht, dass Jordanien das Land der weiblichen Vornamen ist 😀
    Wünsch dir auf deine letzten Tage noch viel Spass und eine erfüllende Friedlichkeit (ich hab´s etwas dramatischer klingen lassen, weil du ja noch nicht wieder in die Heimat willst ;))

  3. TipsWhitenUnderArms Says:

    Your thought of article is very much creative and interesting to read.

  4. Benito III Says:

    Fabulous post! Loved reading your great post, I always can tag it

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