Keep it international

here i am again.

i dont know if i should write in english but… give a fuck on my failures hope u will understand it ;).

I write now not that much because i have not so much time so lets go.

You can remember that i was in dahab? Think so. So the ride from Al quseir to dahab wasn that good. It took much more longer then it should because of ramadan. The normal time should be 3-4 hours. My ride was something like 7-8 hours. the busdriver stoped every time after 6:30 pm when he saw a restaurant. Because then he is allowed to eat and drink aand smoke. I was really pissed off. I was in Suez at 10pm i waited 1 hour after i was at the big suez canal and took the bus to sharm el sheik. I arrived there at 4 am and waited 2 hours at the busstation for the bus to dahab… maaaan… i was so tirekd u cannot believe. After i arrived in dahab i took a looong good sleep without ac…(i cannot recommend that 😉 )

This day i organized for the next day a dive trip to the blue hole (is very famous because of free diving look at youtube) and is was cool. But i was very angry because we went out off the water 10 minutes to earlie…. there was a SHAAARKKK.. and i didnt see him.. fuuuck… i was really pissed off… i saw only the video from a women. i was very jealous.

after that i ve done a 1 day diving on a boat. ouhh… that was amazing. i made wreck diving (the ships name is thistlegorm) one of the most famous sunken ships. It was shot by german bombers in the WWII. and it was still everything in the ship. armycars, motorbikes, tanks and i saw a bullet with the number „1929“ so the bullet was 12 years old. funny funny..but anyway i met much cool people and with one guy i met there (james) i travel at the moment with him and 3 other people through jordan.

after dahab i was at st. catherine the oldest and most famous monastery in the world. but the burning bush was fucked up… he needs rly more water haha. but inside the monastery it wasn interesting.

buut… the mountains there.. puhh.. very great. james me and paola we started at almost 3 am to climb at the mount sinai (2500 meter high) and i saw the most beautifullest sunrise ever… that was so amazing u cannont believe. Btw i really would like to show u some fotos but the inet sucks to much.

In this way I have to say that was the most beautyfulles region in egypt. Really great. but i will upload picture as fast as i can.

Ok after this great time we drove to nuweiba and with the ferry to aqaba (is a jordan city). Ouhh that was quiet hard this day. We all three were very tired and we were more than to hours in queue because these damn asses wont work.

In Aqaba a friend (Susan) waited for us. We stayed one night there and then took a bus to wadi rum (maybe it will become one of the natural seven worldwonders i read in the lonely planet). It was sooo nice there. Wadi rum is a desert area and everywhere are great canyons and they are so red at sunset it was so colorfull. Here i had my best sunset ever hehe. i wished i could show u right know some pictures.  we slept in the desert with some beduins. it was pretty cool. ah by the way there we met neil from canada. since then we are travel with five people but neil will leave tomorrow alone to amman to get to hongkong.

At the moment we are in Petra (one of the seven world wonders) and very funny. Here was a guy with a Crossbike from vienna. I asked him if he is from there. then i told me.. ah no no i study only there.. but my family lives in huenfeld… everybody who thinks now… aannd… wheres the point… huenfeld is a 10000 village.. and i was born there. he was 2 month on travel and is further 1 month on the way… but very cool to make a trip with a motorbike.

so at the moment everything is fine and it makes a lot of fun to travel with an australian, canadian, peruanerian girl ( i dont know how to say) and an italian lady.

My plan for the next time. soo.. after petra which is so amazing everything is made into the rock the treasury the monastery and so on… very nice. Ok I think i will only stay 3 or 4 days in jordan because here it is very expensive (entrance for petra was 41euro for 2 days… damn) after that i will go to syria then to iraq and from there to turkey. but i dont makes sense to make plans because everytime i change my mind…

whatever…hope u are all fine and u can enjoy your time. for me only one month left and i dont wanna go home… the only thing i miss is water with gas… oke…and everybody who reads my blog ;)…

ok guys we will hear from each other

bleibt tapfer!


8 Antworten to “Keep it international”

  1. tommy Says:

    junge junge krasser typ ey… wohin willste denn in den irak?
    und warum schreibste in english? tommy

  2. sandro Says:

    hehe war ne kurzschluss entscheidung ;). Will nach Kurdistan soll ne Landschaftsmaessig wohl ganz geil sein und dacht ich mir.. guckste mal vorbei ;p. aber wie gesagt meine plaene haben sich jetzt schon ein paar mal geaendert. aber ich hab nuuulll bock zurueck nach deutschland zu kommen. der nahe osten ist von der landschaft ganz grosses kino was ich nicht gedacht haette.

    in englisch deswegen weil ich gefragt wurde ob ich nicht in englisch schreiben koennte, da dies sonst nicht lesen koennen. obs sies jetzt koennen weiss ich auch nicht bei den fehlern.. ;). aber btw. wir muessen uns noch mal in de treffen hab was fuer dich und da ich evtl. nicht nach kairo zurueckfliege kann ich das simon nicht geben.

  3. mellyabroad Says:

    Come on, Thommi, you should write in english as well! Improoovement is the word!!!
    Sounds like a really really good trip! But fuck, i couldn’t climb a mountain at 3 am! At least you got something great out of it, lucky you!
    Now i would like to see some pictures, so go and find a better internet connection! 😉

    And keep us up to date about your next destinations!
    Take care!

  4. sandro Says:

    believe me.. that wasnt so easy then it sounds to wake up at 3 am and climb almost 2 hours a mountain ;).
    I dont know how long it will take until i get a got internet connection but i think in jordan its not possible to find somewhere a good one. But latest when i am again in germany (hmpf) i will upload some pictures.

    At the moment I am in Madaba, Jordan tomorrow I am at the dead sea and in 2 days I will cross the border to syria (I hope I can enter).

    so miss birdpohl give me a mail and update me as well.


  5. ericindia Says:

    „aber ich hab nuuulll bock zurueck nach deutschland zu kommen“

    kamnn ich nachvollziehen 🙂 nachdem ich meine Indientiefs alle überwunden habe, muss ich nun die Gedanken verdrängen noch länger hier zu bleiben oder bald wieder zukommen… Irgendwann muss man doch mal mit dem Studium fertig werden … Aber ein bisschen Zeit zum Reisen hast du doch noch?

    Und zu deinem Englisch… Ich habe es verstanden, zu Fehlern kann ich nix sagen, habe ich keine Ahnung von 😉

    Weiterhin gute Reise !

  6. Chrisdaheim Says:

    „At the moment we are in Petra (one of the seven world wonders)“…. first thinking: nice compliment for a lady….then: All of you?? :D… haha, i had to read this sentence two times to get the real meaning…..

  7. Georg Says:

    Hi Weltenbummler,

    ist ja schon irre wo du so rum machst. Ich galub dir gerne dass du kein Heimweh hast. Aber spätestens am Ende vom Geld musst du wohl die Reise abbrechen. Bis dahin gönn ich dir diesen phantastischen Trip. Ich hab auf meinen vielen Geschäftsreisen die Erfahrung gemacht,dass in jedem Land tolle Landschaften anzutreffen sind. Bei unserem letzten Telefonat ist die Verbindung abgebrochen und war auch nicht mehr aufzubauen. Ich geh davon aus, dass deine ägyptische Karte abgelaufen ist durch die Roomingkosten in Ländern ausserhalb Ägyptens.
    Schreib mir mal ne kurze Mail an meine Firmenadresse.
    Hallo Melly, wie gehts dir in Neuseeland? Wie lange bleibst du noch. Nehme an, dass du meinen Kommentar vielleicht liest.
    Sandro weiterhin gute Reise und pass auf dich auf.


  8. skandro Says:

    hehe… hallo aus syrien ;), also eigentlich hab ich dir schon direkt nach unsrem letzten telefonat ne mail geschrieben, ich guck direkt mal nach ob die abgeschickt wurde….jap ist abgeschickt worden. der betreff war noch WG: Auwaia… hab vergessen den zu aendern also guck auch mal im spamordner nach … wenn nich schick ich se grad noch mal ab. aber ja meine karte ist leer und daher nicht mehr erreichbar. werd dir die tage noch mal meine ankunftsdaten schicken. aber behalt dir schon mal den 27. september um 19 uhr in frankfurt im hinterkopf. ein traurigertag fuer mich und noch ein viel traurigertag fuer die menschheit 😉

    haha.. aber nett das du dich ueber meinen blog bei melly meldest. dann wird hier mal mehr geschrieben ;).

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